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Jun 25, 2020

Leave The Light On

Leaving a light on in an empty theatre is a very old tradition. Some say that the light serves as a 'beacon of hope' and others say that it means 'We'll be back'.

Amateur Dramatics Introduction

Margaret Kynaston from LADS introduces this week's HCTogether.  

Russell Kirk

Russell who now lives in the Ceiriog Valley is responsible for a number of annual festivals and parades across the North West and his workshop activities mean that he is a familiar face in many schools and colleges in Cheshire and surrounding Counties. Although he still produces his own work for exhibition and private collections it is the large festive events that are his first love. This is epitomised by the Chester Midsummer watch Parade where the elements of visual arts, music and performance all come together making it one of the most enjoyable and spectacular community events in the country. Sadly, there is no Midsummer watch Parade this year. This is a promotional video about the annual Parade. This and other similar events usually involve local schools/groups - where Russell and his team go in and run workshops, performance sessions. and the children come and join in the event. 


The LADS have had to put lots of exciting plans on hold for now. We love making live theatre and we desperately miss working together on creative endeavours. But it will take more than lockdown to keep the LADS down! We have been having online play readings and chats, as well as working individually and collaboratively on using video as a way of capturing live performance. We're not filmmakers, but we can hopefully share with each other and with our audiences something of the essence of live theatre.


Good morning, ladies -

In the early days of lockdown, when all the news seemed grim and people were really starting to struggle with isolation, a viral post made us laugh. It was a spoof WI email, in the tradition of Joyce Grenfell and Victoria Wood. It was crying out to be acted as a monologue, so I gave it a whirl. In 'normal' life, I give talks to WIs and this was a fond tribute to them, as well as a way of raising spirits with humour. 

My friend, Marg Kynaston (a stalwart of LADS) is a very talented writer and she decided to write a further instalment, and then another. We hope you enjoy them :) 

The first one is by an unknown writer - the written piece went viral on Facebook. 

The following episodes were written by Margaret Kynaston. 

Performed by Alison Utting.





Here at Lads, as with most other social groups, we're missing the company and support of each other. Lockdown is taking its toll and it's said that we're going to come out of this crisis as either a hunk, a chunk or a drunk.  Well, at the moment, with so much enforced inactivity, we're heading for two out of the three - and one of them isn't hunk!  As a (socially distanced) society, we decided to do something about it.  the result is Lads' rendition of Pam Ayres' great poem about physical exercise.  Suffice to say that some of us have seen things we can never unsee.  Enjoy!

Moreton Hall Drama Students

‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’

Curious Incident of a Dog in the Nighttime is a set text on the A Level Theatre Studies syllabus. Its stylised structure is a challenge for anyone when in the classroom together, but studying this text through remote learning is something the L6 pupils have adapted to with ease and even managed to create some fantastic group work - even when in different places around the country! They have risen to the challenge with a maturity way beyond their years and worked superbly as a team to bring this complex play to life! A play within a play, jumping from past to present tense, from Swindon, to London, to Cornwall within seconds -  I am sure you will agree that the Moreton Lower 6 pupils have excelled in bringing these to life.

The Real Horror of Lockdown

An abortive attempt to set up a Zoom session of Trivial Pursuit provoked the composition of a commemorative poem.  After spending the entire forty-minute session trying to get everyone into the Zoom meeting, leaving no time left to actually play the game, Marg Kynaston felt compelled to put pen to paper.  Some of the Lads members got together (virtually) and, expertly edited by Anna Lingard, the result is The Real Horror of Lockdown. We hope you enjoy it.

Bits and Bobs Theatre

St George and The Dragon

Bits and Bobs Theatre presents the very true and accurate tale of St George & the Dragon written and illustrated  by Russell Kirk. This is a film version of the street theatre performance. Shouting is compulsory!


Anna Lingard from LADS performing Richard II in Captivity. 

Moreton Hall Students - Monologues

'Never lose yourself on the stage. Always act as your own person, as an artist'. Some wise words from the prolific and innovative theatre practitioner Constantin Stanislavski. Responsible for the Naturalism and Realism era, Stanislavski put his actors through a vigorous rehearsal process when preparing for roles. It has been his techniques that the U5 have been studying when writing and creating their own monologues. They have experimented with Emotional Memory, the Magic If, Given Circumstances, Units and Objectives and Relaxation. They have used all of these techniques whilst performing their final monologues to camera. And I can confidently say - it was definitely reflected in their performances.







2020 Virtual Llangollen

The Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod is one of our national treasures which brings performers from across the world to engage in a week long Festival of Music, Dance and so much more besides. It started in 1947 in the aftermath of the war to engender a sense of togetherness and healing. The Llangollen Peace message reminds us of the harmony that binds us rather than the things that keep us apart.

As you may already know Llangollen 2020 has been postponed to Llangollen 2021. The team have done a fabulous job in creating a Virtual Llangollen digging in to their archives and showcasing some of their competitions and events. They are holding a virtual competition and inviting members of the public, their friends and attendees to vote for their favourite item in a number of different categories.

You can access Llangollen 2020 Virtual through their TV platform here... so please take a look and get involved and make Llangollen 2020 an event to remember - different yes; the same passion end result.

Building a 'World in Harmony' through the power of music.


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