HCTogether - Leave a Light On - Virtual Creativity

Jun 11, 2020

HCTogether joins local artists, musicians, writers, performing arts and dance groups to bring performances in a virtual form. View this week's performances below. 

Leave A Light On

Leaving a light on in an empty theatre is a very old tradition. Some say that the light serves as a 'beacon of hope' and others say that it means 'We'll be back'.

Moreton Hall Staff Choir

With over half of the world’s population in lockdown to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and with many people reported feeling lonely as a result of social distancing and the lockdown measures imposed, Moreton Hall reached out to their pupils across the world.

Staff at Moreton Hall collaborated to form a mass virtual choir and performed their rendition of ‘You Will Be Found’ from the musical ‘Dear Evan Hanson’.

The initiative, led by Moreton Hall’s music teacher and co-founder of North Shropshire Music, Amy Lott reinforces the message that pupils are not alone during these unprecedented times and Moreton Hall’s priority, not only continues to provide the highest standard of teaching and learning, but also offers the strong level of pastoral support and care for its pupils.

A total of 95 staff who took part in the project. Taking time out of their day (or in many cases days) to join together and create something which is so special is a true testament to just how much we truly care for each other at Moreton.


In their study of ‘Film Music’ students were set a task to perform the well known love song from the hit film Titanic.  As well performing the tune on recorder, Beatrice created her own harmony part too and went a step further to create an animated reenactment of the dramatic moment in the film paying homage to two NSM tutors.

Music Challenge - Cup Song

As part of a class ‘Music Challenge’, Hedy, Junior Winner of the Oswestry Youth Music Festival performs Anna Kendrick’s When I’m Gone from Pitch Perfect

Megan - Over the Rainbow

Local Musician and Year 13 student, Megan was set a challenge: to create a ‘lockdown album’ of songs that have an association with rainbows. 

The White Cliffs of Dover by Morgan Darcy

Local singer Morgan Darcy’s virtual performance of The White Cliffs of Dover to celebrate V. E. Day celebrations.

Mahler’s I am Lost to the World

The following link was ‘gifted’ to the HCTogether team from our friends at Ty Pawb. It is a truly stunning and beautiful performance of Mahler’s I am Lost to the World by the Orchestra of Earth.

If you would like to learn more about the work of the Orchestra of Earth, then visit their website on:


Moreton Hall Chamber Choir - We'll Meet Again

As part of the VE Day celebrations the Moreton Hall Chamber and Prep Chamber choir joined forces to create a virtual performance of Vera Lynn’s We’ll meet Alone.

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