HCTogether - Lockdown Reflections

Oct 15, 2020

Reflections on Lockdown by Alison Utting, LADS

 As Autumn starts to arrive we look back on the year to date and think of the unusual circumstances we found ourselves in and the times of inspiration to be creative. Please enjoy this evenings showcase sharing theatre, music, recitals and dance

The Rainbow Project, featuring musicians of all ages from across Shropshire

‘The Rainbow Project’ was an initiative that ran over the summer to bring together Shropshire musicians who were unable to rehearse together during lockdown. Over 28 performers, ranging from novices to professionals sent in more than 40 videos for inclusion in the project.

Alison Stevens, Manager of Shropshire Music Service said:

“I’m really pleased with this project. For many people, playing music is more than just a hobby. It’s very social, it can be therapeutic and keep people connected. I’m so glad we have been able to continue to play music together, albeit in a new and different way.”

Piano Performance

Issac - Piano Performance

A very talented young musician performs on the piano.


The Song of the Jolly Roger

This is a sea shanty and an old favourite of male voice choirs.

 The origins of the term Jolly Roger are disputed. According to one theory, the buccaneers who operated around the West Indies in the 1600s used a red flag dipped in blood or paint, whichever was on hand ! The French supposedly called this the “joli rouge,” which the English, with their traditional disregard for the niceties of pronunciation, corrupted into Jolly Roger. Later the term was applied to the familiar black-flag-cum-bones that began to appear in various forms around 1700.

Richard II in Captivity - Anna From LADS

Vona - The Song

Kate's Poetry Recital of The Disappointed by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Yasmin - My Grandmother by Elizabeth Jennings

Tiger Still - Spike Rose Productions

Pppa - The Veggie Lion by Spike Milligan

Katie, The Hungry Dog by James Hurley

Jess - Quiet Zone by Roger McGough

Georgiana - Reading Around the Class by Gervase Phinn

Leonora - Tell me, Tell Me Sarah Jane by Charles Causley

Chloe Elizabeth Dance School Lockdown Performance

Hedy - The Book by Michael Rosen

Eve - Falling Asleep in Class by Kenn Nesbitt

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